5 in 1 Ultraviolet Air Purifier
5 in 1 Ultraviolet Air Purifier 5 in 1 Ultraviolet Air Purifier 5 in 1 Ultraviolet Air Purifier 5 in 1 Ultraviolet Air Purifier Homedics 5 in 1 Total clean Air Purifier AP-T40 substances removed by the HEPA filter Homedics 5 in 1 Total Clean Air Purifier AP-T40, ECARF label Homedics 5 in 1 Total Clean Air Purifier AP-T40  Product features diagram

5 in 1 Ultraviolet Air Purifier
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5 in 1 Ultraviolet Air Purifier

Enjoy a breath of fresh air indoors with this 5 in 1 Air purifier and uv sanitizer

Key Features

  • UV-C technology for efficient sanitizing of germs, bacteria and viruses
  • Reduce odors and eliminate volatile organic compounds
  • All-In-One HEPA filtration system
  • 360 Airflow system allows the unit to be placed anywhere in a room.
  • Auto-Off timer, with selectable run times.
  • Compatible with essential oils to fill your room with the scent of your choice.



10.12"L x 10.12"W x 25.3"H

Cord length:

6 feet


11.45 lbs

Air changes per hour in a 15 x 15 x 8 feet room


Model AP-T40


About the 5-in-1 UV Air Purifier and Sanitizer

With many of us spending more time at home, and an increase in people working from home each and everyday, studies have shown that the air in our homes and enclosed areas can have up to 5 times more pollutants and bacteria than the air outdoors. This is where the Homedics Air Purifier can help make your environment a more pleasant place to be.

Cleaning the air and using UV-C to kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in the area. The 360-degree design and true HEPA filtration captures and removes up to 99.97% of airborne contaminates as small as 0.3 micron, including allergens, pollen, germs, odor, pet dander and smoke, providing even cleaner and fresher air for your home or environment. These filters are removable for cleaning and we recommend they are replaced every 12 months.

The pre-filter also helps those with pets, as they captures fur, hair and larger particles. The purifier has 3 fan speeds plus an auto mode. 

The Homedics Air Purifier can be safely used in an occupied room, as the UV-C light is contained with in it.

The unit also features a night light and night mode for uninterrupted use while you sleep. The auto timer allows you to set 2, 4, 8 or 12 hour run times, switching the unit off when the time has elapsed.


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With our line of Mountable Air Purifiers, you are able to keep your room, office, or medical setting free of germs, bacteria, and viruses by using UV-C disinfection technology. Whether you want a simple wall mountable purifier for home use, or a heavy duty set up for business or commercial premises, we have the system for you!

Some of the systems above mount into your air conditioning system and others mount to the wall. All of them are completely safe to work while the room is occupied. 

Not sure which system is right for you? Give us a call at 1-800-977-7292 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm EST or drop us a line at sales@cureuv.com. We would love to guide you to the right solution for your application!