GermAwayUV Spartan In-Room UV & HEPA Air Purifier
GermAwayUV Spartan In-Room UV & HEPA Air Purifier GermAwayUV Spartan In-Room UV & HEPA Air Purifier GermAwayUV Spartan In-Room UV & HEPA Air Purifier GermAwayUV Spartan In-Room UV & HEPA Air Purifier GermAwayUV Spartan In-Room UV & HEPA Air Purifier GermAwayUV Spartan In-Room UV & HEPA Air Purifier

GermAwayUV Spartan In-Room UV & HEPA Air Purifier
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GermAwayUV Spartan In-Room UV & HEPA Air Purifier— a small, easy-to-use, filtration device capable of tackling a variety of spaces at a price that can’t be beaten! Weighing in at just under 6lbs, the Spartan In-Room UV & HEPA Air Purifier's small size and lightweight make it an ideal portable device capable of fitting in any office, public, or home space— ideal for a user on the go who wishes to prioritize their air quality.  

The device utilizes a composite filter to strip the air of contaminating viral particles, pet dander, germs, bacteria, and smoke— all while maintaining a noise level below 30dB. The Spartan features a fan with 3-speed options, a powerful motor, sleep function capabilities, and a scheduling timer with 2hr, 4hr, or 8hr increments. These features are accessible through a  straightforward control interface that also includes an Air Quality (AQ) sensor, and an indicator of the filter's lifespan—taking the guesswork out of device upkeep.  


Features and Specifications

  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 80 CFM
  • Applicable Area: 160ft²
  • Noise Level: 30dB-52dB 
  • Dimensions: 8.46 in x 14.28 in
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs
  • Easy Control System: with options to allow scheduling, sleep mode, Air Quality indicator, fan speed, filter maintenance, and ON/OFF switch.  
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Power Source: Electric outlet
  • Voltage (V): 120
  • Power Consumption: 36 W

4-Stages of Purification in 1 Composite Filter:

  1. Prefilter: >100 μm that traps hair, pet fur, and lint.
  2. HEPA: 0.3-100 μm that traps pollen, mold, pet dander, dust.
  3. Activated Carbon: 0.3-60 μm that traps cigarette smoke, pet odor, cooking smells, bacteria, and viruses.
  4. Membrane Net: Allows device to avoid carbon leak for better filter efficiency.




What makes this product special?

Investing in a Spartan In-Room UV & HEPA Air Purifier is an ideal choice for those wanting the peace of mind a portable device can bring to any given environment. With a small body and lightweight, quiet operation, the Spartan blends into any home, work, or public space and provides clean air wherever and whenever. With multiple fan speeds to increase intensity, coupled with scheduled timing increments of 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours, the Spartan is customizable and easy to control. It is the perfect device for year-round use, stripping the air of allergens, viral particles, bacteria, food and cooking smells, as well as pet dander. For the ease of operator upkeep, the device keeps the user updated on the filter status— when it needs replacing— as well as provides an air quality indicator to alert the user to the air in their environment.

All GermAwayUV  products carry a 1 year warranty.

 Technical Data Sheet: (CLICK HERE)

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