Nomad TFP-16 16D - Guaranteed Replacement

Nomad TFP-16 16D - Guaranteed Replacement
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Nomad TFP-16 100% Guaranteed Replacement Bulb for Bio-Fighter Systems.


Nomad Bio-Fighter is an HVAC UVC disinfectant created with added flexibility to the chassis for easier installation. It is equipped with a multi-input voltage power supply, which provides it with the ability to be installed on any voltage from 120 V to 240 V.

Nomad is also equipped with an air handler viewpoint to monitor lamp functionality, and a remote safety interlock to ensure disconnection while HVAC maintenance is in progress.


Why should I use UV sterilization?

Outdoors, the air is purified naturally by the UV light of the sun.  Ultraviolet light can naturally kill microorganisms in the air that could cause health problems

UVC sterilization is ones of the most cost-effective solutions for preventing the distribution of infectious agents in occupied spaces. It has the added advantage of prolonging the life and increasing the efficiency of all heating and cooling systems.

UVC germicidal bulbs are designed to eliminate harmful bacteria, visures, and other organic components by altering their DNA.



  • 16" length
  • 4 aligned pins base 2G11
  • Mercury bulb



  • TFP-16
  • Nomad 16D
  • Nomad 2D16
  • Nomad 06036
  • Altru-V 28-3010



*CureUV stocks generic guaranteed replacement bulbs.


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