Germicide Reflective Paint - Lumacept Max
Germicide Reflective Paint - Lumacept Max Germicide Reflective Paint - Lumacept Max

Germicide Reflective Paint - Lumacept Max
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Germicide Reflective Paint - Lumacept MAX will get you the MOST sanitation out of your UVC disinfection cycles.  

UVC sanitation is the safest method for getting rid of unwanted bacteria, viruses, yeast, and even mold. Unlike disinfectant chemicals, UV-C light does not leave any residue once the cleaning cycle is over. That is why UVC light is being used more frequently by healthcare professionals, and those who have members in their household who are susceptible to chemicals like kids, the elderly, and pets.

Because of the nature of UVC light, the only downside is created by shadows. Shadows protect bacteria, which means you would need to perform more cycles at different positions in the room to reach all surfaces.

Lumacept makes those shadows get 14 TIMES more UVC light than regular paint..


Normal house paint absorbs 97% of UVC light. 

Germicide Reflective Paint behaves like normal paint on its application. Unlike normal household paint, Lumacept reflects light back into the room. Thanks to this property, shadows are lessened in area and intensity, making the disinfection process more efficient and effective.


Lumacept Germicide Reflective Paint saves you time and money

With it, you will be able to use the room sooner and, since you will need less cycles, your bulbs will last longer!


Germicide Reflective Paint - Lumacept Max provides the most reflectivity out of any other paint. It offers 10x the reflective power of regular paint. This paint is best people who would like the most thorough disinfection due to the presence of immunocompromised people or animals. If you want to get the MOST out of your sanitation process, this is the paint for you.




  • Easy to use, applies like regular pain
  • Can be thinned with water (Other thinners may affect reflectivity index)
  • White color
  • Available in 1 or 5 gallon pallet
  • Reflects germicide UVC light
  • 10x the reflective power of regular paint
  • Safe for any size room
  • Ideal for any home and office
  • Increases reflectivity while maintaining cost down
  • Reduces disinfection time by 80%
  • Perfect for households with pets, kids, elders, and the immunocompromised



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  1. Clean surfaces of any dust, oil, and other substance. 
  2. Stir paint properly.
  3. Get adequate ventilation.
  4. Brush, roll, or spray. Thinning can be done with water. Apply thin coats.
  5. Soap and water cleanup.
  6. Latex based paint creates a film over time. Take care when scrubbing the paint for a few days after application.


  • Spot testing is necessary for non-typical or hard to paint surfaces
  • DO NOT apply when the surface is at 55 F or below
  • Mixing with paint, tints, pigments, or other additives has the potential of destroying the UVC reflective properties of Lumacept
  • Not for use in combination with permanent UVC systems. ONLY for use in room where UVC is done with no one present.




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Ask a Question
  • Is Lumacept Max an epoxy paint, Washable and not affected by harsh cleaners like: H2O2, dilute bleach, 70% IPA? Can it be applied over existing epoxy paint? Line Avenue Pharmacy

    Lumacept is an aqueous/latex based paint, not an epoxy paint. However, Lumacept has done a lab test where they sanded a sample of epoxy paint and applied the UVC Lumacept over it, and it appears to adhere quite well.