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Mountable ULTRACURE 9 UV LED Curing Light
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The LED Ultracure 9 system has a unique focused lens and is designed to quickly cure a wide variety of UV glues or compounds in full production industrial applications. 

Medium pressure UV systems and bulbs can be cumbersome and take up a large amount of space on your line, also the amount of IR (heat) can be detrimental to the process at hand. LED's are paving the way in many industries, circuit board manufacturing, sensitive electronics, pharmaceutical equipment plus many others. Also with many improvements in recent technology they are becoming much more accessible and affordable. 

 With a UV array of 8mm x 50mm and the versatility of being used alone or in series the Ultracure 9 can be used for a multitude of tasks, from small jobs to full scale production. Each unit requires no lamp changes or expensive filters and is good for over 17,000 hours of continuous use.

The Ultracure's unique lens focuses the light and extends it's curing range to 3 x that of the Ultracure 6

With quick hook up connections, on board cooling and status indicators set-up is easy and the overall footprint stays compact.

Features and Benefits:

  • Special Lens increases UV intensity
  • High Output 365nm LED
  • Input 24vdc @ 700mA
  • 2.5/W cm² maximum output @ 365nm
  • Over temperature protection
  • Power regulation built in
  • I/O Port 5 pin CPC
  • Self Cooled
  • Mounting capability on rear and bottom

Status Indicator:

  • Green indicator, power on and normal LED operation
  • Red indicator Fault condition


  • Weight 0.55lbs
  • Dimensions (approx) L 6.25" x W 1.8" x H 1.5"





Ask a Question
  • I'm interested in the ULTRACURE 9 UV LED Curing Light. Is there a version that has 385nm wavelength leds? If not, do you offer another UV led at the 385nm wavelength? Thanks!

    We do not have anything in the Ultracure line in 385nm but these are avaiklble in 385nm,

    SKU - 600107


CureUV has a wide variety of Mountable UV Curing Systems to fit any industry regardless the scale of production, big or small we have your solution! 

From small LED heads through to large Array systems and even shuttered irradiators we have it all.  Capable of being added to existing production lines, whether standalone or integrated, we have the capability of meeting and exceeding your needs.  We can customize any of theses systems and set ups to fit any desire, so if you don't see exactly what you need contact us, and speak to one of our UV specialists.  They will be happy to work with you and quickly find the best UV for your specific application.