Resin - Loctite 352 Light Cure Adhesive - Part # 35241 - 50mL Bottle
Resin - Loctite 352 Light Cure Adhesive - Part # 35241 - 50mL Bottle Loctite 352 Light Cure Adhesive - Part # 35241 - 50mL Bottle

Loctite 352 Light Cure Adhesive - Part # 35241 - 50mL Bottle
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Light Cure Adhesive 35241 50mL Bottle

Loctite 352 is a transparent, amber, high viscosity, instant 50mL UV/activator dual light cure acrylic-based adhesive. The 352 Light Cure adhesive has shown good resistance to chemicals and high humidity. The adhesive creates a tough, flexible bond that is highly resistant to vibration and shock impact. When exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light or an activator, these adhesives harden in minutes.

Typical Usage: Loctite 352 bonds and seals glass, glass to metal and metal filled adhesive-coated materials in industrial applications. Ideal for glass, metals and ceramics. The Light Cure adhesive can also be used to encase items in adhesive (potting), unitize electrical devices, appliance parts, and decorative components.

  • VOC compliant in all 50 states
  • Prevents uncured anaerobic adhesive migration
  • Cures on demand
  • Resistant to humidity and chemicals
  • Toughened bond

For discounted case pricing, item must be purchased in multiples of 10.

Other Known Part Numbers:
  • 35241
Loctite 352 - 50mL Adhesive TDS (PDF)

    • Applications: Acrylic and Flexible
    • % Elongation @ break: 290%
    • Color/Appearance: Clear, Light Amber, Transparent Liquid
    • Cure Type: Heat Cure, UV Light, Activator Cure
    • Key Characteristics: Fast curing speed, repositionable, no mix required, temporary
    • Number of Components: 1-Part
    • Physical Form: Liquid
    • Shear Strength, Grit Blasted Steel to Glass (psi): 2,400
    • Shore Hardness Durometer: 60
    • Shore Hardness Scale: D
    • Substrates: Glass, Metal
    • Technology: Acrylic
    • Temperature Range (°C): -54° to 135°
    • Temperature Range (°F): -65° to 275°
    • Viscosity (Brookfield mPa.s (cP)): 19,500
    • Viscosity Temperature (°C): 25°
    • Viscosity Temperature (°F): 77°

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CureUV offers Loctite brand Light Cure adhesives compatible with substrates made of ceramic, composite material, concrete, fabric, glass, metal, paper, plastic, polycarbonate, PVC, rubber, wood, and more.

These UV-curable adhesives dry in seconds or less upon exposure to long-wave ultraviolet light and/or visible light. Loctite adhesives use UV light to initiate curing and form a permanent bond without heating. Loctite brand adhesives are optimal for high-speed applications.