Resin - Stain Pigment Kit For Waterborne, Waterborne/UV Cure And UV Curable Coatings

Stain Pigment Kit for Waterborne, Waterborne/UV Cure and UV Curable Coatings
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Now available for pre-finishing manufacturing facilties and finishing contractors

Our stain pigments have been specially engineered to be compatible with waterborne, waterborne/UV cure and 100% UV-curable coatings.

  • Achieve intercoat adhesion
  • Green-Friendly pigments

With this simple stain pigment kit, you can achieve 34 colors, ranging from white to ebony! You will receive the color recipe chart with your shipment or call us for individual pigment replacements.

If added to the UV Cure Adhesion Promoter or UV Cure Insulator/Sealer, it will show off the grain and provide natural beauty to the wood.

If added to 100% solid UV curable coatings, it will provide beautiful depth and accents to the wood below.

Caramel Aqua Waterborne Stain  
Cocoa Aqua Waterborne Stain
Ember Aqua Waterborne Stain  
Apricot Aqua Waterborne Stain
Cinna-Brown Aqua Waterborne Stain  
Kahlua Aqua Waterborne Stain
Ruby Aqua Waterborne Stain  
Brandy-Wine Aqua Waterborne Stain
Velvet Aqua Waterborne Stain  
Chocolate Aqua Waterborne Stain
Espresso Aqua Waterborne Stain  
Spiced Walnut
Spiced Walnut Aqua Waterborne Stain
Wild Cherry
Wild Cherry Aqua Waterborne Stain  
Chestnut Aqua Waterborne Stain
Executive Cherry
Executive Cherry Aqua Waterborne Stain  
Crimson Aqua Waterborne Stain
Merlot Aqua Waterborne Stain  
Amaretto Aqua Waterborne Stain
Mocha Aqua Waterborne Stain  
Dark Oak
Dark Oak Aqua Waterborne Stain


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Now you can accomplish a better-than-factory look and a much more durable finish than conventional products. Our convenient basic starter kit (2-step process) secures you with an outstanding quality finish. Need a harder wearing, more durable finish? Our proven deluxe starter kit (3-step process) will provide the longevity you desire. Which process is right for you?
The basic starter kit consists of our:
  1. Adhesion Promoter/Sealer
  2. Waterborne/UV Curable Satin Topcoat
  • This is our quickest, most common and inexpensive method of finish available.
  • 5 year lifespan per coat.
  • Only available in satin.
For enhanced scratch resistance, use the deluxe starter kit, which includes:
  1. Adhesion Promoter/Sealer
  2. Waterborne/UV Curable Satin Topcoat
  3. Ultra UV Curable Satin Topcoat
  • All of these products are 100% Solids.
  • Ultra Wear: 5 year lifespan per coat.