Flowtron PV-440 Galaxie Insect Killer
Flowtron PV-440 Galaxie Insect Killer Flowtron PV-440 Galaxie Insect Killer with added Octenol Insect Killer PV-440 Galaxie Flowtron

Flowtron Mosquito PowerVac - PV440B
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Attract and kill biting flies, mosquitoes and other pesky bugs with the Flowtron Mosqito PowerVac - PV440B.

An effective affordable way to claim back your outdoor spaces, covers up to 1 acre.  Enjoy being outside again with out the threat and potential danger from mosquitoes and other biting flies. The Flowtron PowerVac produces the sensory attractants that irritating insects find irresistible, heat, light, motion and scent from a special Octenol cartridge that releases fly pheromones. Once the pests get up close a powerful vacuum sucks them into a removable and cleanable see-through collection tank where they dehydrate and perish.  With NO need for bulky propane tanks, NO sticky boards and NO nets to clean operation and maintenance is simple and quick, and it only costs pennies a day to operate. 

Comes fully assembled ready to run right out of the box, with included Octenol cartridge.  50 feet of low voltage wire can be run under or overground, plug in, turn on and make the outdoors pleasurable to be in again.


  • Rugged poly carbonate and metal construction for outdoor usage
  • Coverage area 43,560 sq. ft.
  • 30 foot power cord
  • 50 foot low voltage wire for remote installation 
  • Octenol pheromone cartridge included
  • Removable catchment tray for fast easy insect disposal 
  • Voltage - 120V
  • Wattage - 20W
  • Amp - 1.5A


  • Width - 16.0 inches
  • Depth - 13 inches
  • Height - 33 inches
  • Weight 16 lbs


  • Garden
  • Yard
  • Patio
  • Decks
  • Docks
  • Sports Fields


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A hundred years ago people thought that by the turn of the millennium we would have completely eliminated the pesky house fly as well as other nuisance flying insects. Unfortunately, we are nearly 2 decades into the 2000s and the closest thing we have to a solution is a promising trial of genetically modified mosquitoes that mate with local populations and make offspring inviable. So, unless you live in the Cayman islands or the cities in Brazil where these trials are happening, you have to take your flying insect pest control into your own hands. CureUV offers a variety of UV fly trap solutions from small units you plug into you wall outlet at home to fully industrial solutions for your food processing plant, restaurant, or warehouse. Not sure which unit is right for you? Drop us a line at sales@cureuv.com or give us a call and we'd be glad to help you out!