Fly Traps - FlyWeb Plus UV Fly Trap
Fly Traps - FlyWeb Plus UV Fly Trap Fly Traps - FlyWeb Plus UV Fly Trap

FlyWeb Plus UV Fly Trap
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The FlyWeb Plus Fly Trap is the best product to come to home fly control since the original fly swatter!

Its simplicity, effectiveness, and stylishness make it the ideal solution to keep your home or apartment free of flies without the need to resort to chemicals or other harsh solutions. The FlyWeb Plus's integrated energy efficient 10 watt UV light bulb attracts the flies in your home to its 2 glue adhesive boards. The beauty of this item is that since all you have to do it plug it into a wall socket, you can get as many or as few as you need to keep your home free of those pesky  flies. 

If you have just a few flies, 1 unit in each room is probably enough but if you have a noticeable infestation, you may want to invest in a couple per room, at least the ones where you have noticed a presence. The attraction range of each bulb is about 800 square feet but the light is blocked by walls so keep that in mind when setting them up. 

If you need additional glue boards, you can find them here.


  • 24 hour non-chemical glue trapping
  • Attraction Range: 800 Square feet (20 lineal feet)
  • Bulb Power: 10 watts
  • FDA & USDA approved
  • Warranty: 1 year.


Ask a Question
  • I have never had any experience with these lights do they work during daylight hours

    Yes. This fly light works as a 24 hour, non-chemical trapping device.