UV Cure Adhesion Promoter Insulator Sealer
UV Cure Adhesion Promoter Insulator Sealer UV Cure Adhesion Promoter Insulator Sealer

UV Cure Adhesion Promoter Insulator Sealer
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Ideal UV coating for Oily Wood

The UV Cure Adhesion Promoter Insulator Sealer lets the natural beauty come through while sealing any oil from penetrating additional coatings that may be applied.

UV Cure Coatings Description Sheet (PDF)

UV Cure Adhesion Promoter Sealer MSDS (PDF)

UV Finish Application Guidelines (PDF)

Provides superior bonding strength for other UV coatings such as our:

Guarantee a long-lasting finish while enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. The adhesion promoter/sealer with enhanced solids offers increased bonding strength of the next UV curable builder coat and dries with the ultraviolet light while you're curing the builder or topcoat. This UV coating has a high viscosity (HV) for a thicker finish with bridgeable characteristics. In addition, this product provides superior resistance to contaminants that permeate through the wood into your newly finished floor or losing your builder/topcoat due to absorption.

UV Cure Adhesion Promoter Sealer MSDS (PDF)

  • Provides Superior Adhesion Promotion and sealing properties for UV curable coatings
  • Guaranteed sealing of contaminants such as oil penetration from within the wood and loss of UV finish being absorbed into the wood
  • Fastest Drying Waterborne in the Industry
  • Enhanced Adhesion Promoter/Sealer is easily cured simultaneously with the next UV curable coating
  • Waterborne/UV Cure - NO VOC's (Green-Friendly Technology)
  • Thin finish thickness
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Always in stock and 24/7 ordering availability

Safety Data Sheet:

UV Cure Process: Hardwood Floor Refinishing Techniques:

UV Cure for Wood Floor Refinishing:

You can also view this video and find other helpful wood finishing information in our video resource center.


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Offering twice the amount of coverage compared to conventional finishes, our 100% UV reactive and waterborne UV finishing systems are the definition of Green-Friendly. Our line of finishes even include UV gel for the ultimate in quick, flat level topcoats. These products conform to the requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Greenseal and LEED. Guitar schools may call now for more information regarding our Partners Program at 800-977-7292. See what UV curing can do for your guitar finishing process.