About Us

The co-founders of CureUV.com, John Wilson and Bob Schenk, have been developing and providing Ultraviolet (UV) lighting products for over 17 years. Our parent company SPDIUV provides some of the most technologically advanced UV products to virtually every industry imaginable. Our unmatched experience and understanding enables us to develop solutions that work for your application.

From Fortune 500 to smaller project shops, CureUV.com provides the needed assistance and knowledge from an industry trusted source. We can help you transition into the world of UV technology and become a part of this highly profitable and green-friendly industry. CureUV.com offers a wide range of UV curing lamps, ultraviolet light curing systems, UV reflectors, UV finishes and coatings, UV adhesives and epoxies, germicidal UV purifiers, germicidal UV bulbs for air, water and surface applications, UV testing equipment, UV safety products, UV ovens, lab chambers, and much more!

Our goal has always been to provide superior customer service to help you make informed decisions and gain profitable results. Your success means our success. Every customer is important to us.