395nm 51 UV LED Bulbs - Large Portable UV Inspection Flashlight
395nm 51 UV LED Bulbs - Large Portable UV Inspection Flashlight Protective UV Glasses 51 LED UV Inspection Flashlight Rugged UV Flashlight with batteries included

51-LED Portable UV Inspection Flashlight - 395nm Blacklight
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Brand: CureUV

SKU: 302035

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51 Ultraviolet LED Bulbs in a Handheld Rugged Design

The 51-LED portable UV flashlight was specially designed for inspection and detection purposes. The lightweight UV black light has a long-lasting life and allows you to cover a large area. Additionally, the intensity of the light makes detection and inspection easy. The days of staring endlessly with a tiny UV light are over! The use of LEDs increases the lifetime of this flashlight substantially and makes it a great addition to any toolbox or utility drawer.

51-LED UV Flashlight Common Uses:
  • Professional inspections
  • Anti-counterfeit
  • Forensic supplies
  • Leak detection: AC Compressor, Gas and Oil…
  • Gem identification
  • Scorpion detection
  • Pet Accidents
  • Rodent Contamination
  • Locate damaged or cracked glassware
  • Hotel room Inspection
51-LED UV Flashlight Features:
  • 51 Ultraviolet LEDs
  • Fixed Focus lens
  • 395nm wavelength light dispersion
  • Long-lasting battery life (3 AAs not included)
  • Alternate action push button switch on back end

Due to the intensity of this UV LED device, protective UV glasses are recommended. If you do not get the kit with the glasses, we recommend you use protective glasses nonetheless.

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