Advance American 5764932 Replacement Lamp
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Advance American 5764932 Replacement Lamp

The Advance American 5764932 Replacement Lamp is a high quality curing lamp bulb that exceeds OEM standards of bulb performance. The lamp bulb has higher UV output and longer service life. The matched HG spectral output guarantees short curing times and best curing results. This high performance lamp has an output of 289 WPI. The 968 mm long 5764932 has a factory warranty of 600 hours.

Experts are of the opinion that a curing lamp bulb is a better alternative to infra red drying as it is capable of resisting smudges. Curing bulbs do not release volatile organic compounds in air which makes them an extremely eco-friendly alternative. The light bulbs generate a specific wavelength that helps in curing inks and coatings. Further, the lamps contain a quartz plate that is usually placed between the substrate and the lamp to absorb UV rays. Unlike ordinary glass plate, the quartz plate reradiates the rays at a temperature lower than the lamp and also works as a filter to keep debris and contaminants away from the main unit. Cleaning the plate periodically enables you to keep the lamp working in prime condition always. The UV replacement lamps from are iron doped and are subject to strict quality control measures to ensure that you get only the best.

Technical Specifications:

  • Wattage: 9600 W
  • Power Density: 114 W/cm
  • Spectrum: HG
  • Total Length: 968 mm
  • Arc Length: 838 mm
  • End Cap: C1
  • Left Wire: 100 mm
  • Right Wire: 100 mm
  • Terminal: Ring
  • Lifetime: 600 hours

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