Ceiling Mount UVC Ceiling Mount Sterilizer with HEPA filter
Ceiling Mount UVC Ceiling Mount Sterilizer Ceiling Mount UVC Ceiling Mount Sterilizer with HEPA filter

Ceiling Mount UVC Air Sterilizer
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These unobtrusive flush mount UVC Ceiling Air Sterilizers are the ideal way to safeguard large areas against harmful bacteria, virus and pathogens.

Available in 3 models which can be sized by volume of air moved to fit your exact space, size and need.  Typically mounted in drop split type ceilings, simply remove one tile and replace with unit, plug into 110V and instantly start circulating and sterilizing air in the designated space.  They can also be mounted into 'standard' ceilings, professional installation advised.

Unlike many other UVC systems these are perfectly safe to be used in occupied areas.

Strong fans draw air into the unit where it passes through pre-filters then a HEPA filter before passing the UVC bulb. The UVC light breaks down the DNA of bacteria, virus or other potentially dangerous pathogens before pumping the clean air back out into the room through all four sides.

 Functions and Features-

  • LCD Displays date, time, humidity, maintenance schedule and any fault condition
  • Power off and restart memory function
  • Safety interlock turns system off when opened, keeping maintenance operators safe
  • Multi stage filtration system
  • Fully remote control allowing for programmable operation
  • Can be run automatically, manually or programmed for set times
  • Safe to be operated in occupied spaces
  • 8000 hr lamp life

Model Variants-

  • CMU-600  - Up to 6500 cft (cubic feet) 600 cubic meters
  • CMU-800  - Up to 8600 cft (cubic feet) 800 cubic meters
  • CMU-1000 - Up to 10,500 cft (cubic feet) 1000 cubic meters


  • Length & Width 25.5" (645mm)
  • Height 9.0" (380mm)


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