UV Curing - CureUV Intensity Meter - UV-A Sensor With Remote
UV Curing - CureUV Intensity Meter - UV-A Sensor With Remote UV Curing - CureUV Intensity Meter - UV-A Sensor With Remote UV Curing - CureUV Intensity Meter - UV-A Sensor With Remote

CureUV Intensity Meter - UV-A Sensor with Remote
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  • CureUV Intensity Meter - Technical Data:
    • Art. No.: A002067
    • System accuracy (resolution): +/- 0.1% of measured values +/- 3 digits
    • Measuring rate: 2.5 mops
    • LC display: 7 segments: measured value 5 characters, 15mm
      16 segments: 2 characters, 9mm
    • Keypad: 7 silicone keys
    • Operating temperature: -10 degrees C - 60 degrees C (continuous)
    • Power supply: 3 x AA alkaline batteries, less than or the same as 5 mA
    • Current consumption: Approx. 10 mA without UV sensor
      Approx. 15 mA with UV sensor
    • Weight: Approx. 270 g
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): Approx. 125 x 80 x 40 mm
    • Housing material: ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)
    • Extent of the delivery: Handheld unit, including 3 AA alkaline batteries and instruction manual
    Note: At the handheld unit, different UV sensors can be connected one after another. Only one handheld unit for different sensors is required.

    UV-A sensor - Technical Data:
    • Spectral Range: 315-395nm (max. at 340nm)
    • Calibration: 20 mW/cm^2, calibrated with low pressure UV lamp
      2,000 mW/cm^2, calibrated with medium pressure UV lamp
    • Max. permissible radiation: 20,000 W/m^2 (up to approx. 30 seconds)
    • UV sensitivity: Daylight blind
    • Measurement distance: Min. 10 mm with low pressure UV lamps
      Min. 20 mm with medium pressure UV lamps
    • Operating temperature: 0 - +50 degrees C
    • Power supply: Power is applied by handheld unit
    • Current consumption: Less than or the same as 5 mA
    • Dimensions: Approx. 36 x 17 mm
    • Weight: Approx. 100 g
    • Housing material: Aluminum
    • Extent of delivery: UV sensor with 1 m cable and high-grade special connector. The calibration is saved in the special plug connector.

    UV and IR measurement.

    Congratulations on your consideration of this innovative UV measuring device. Now you can answer the question: Do I have enough UV intensity or a problem with the coating/ink I'm using? Thanks to the patented connector, the device configures itself automatically; its operation should be fairly straightforward. Simply hold the read out UV device in one hand and place the sensor in the position of where your products are UV cured/dried. The device can also be used with UV-B and UV-C sensors.

    The new CureUV intensity meter UV-A remote sensor has been designed for the monitoring of UV lamp intensity. Equipped with an intelligent interface connector, the data is stored in the sensor connector so that the irradiance in W/m^2 can be read directly on the connected evaluation unit. The UV photo diode used with this model is only sensitive within the UV-A spectral range. Other spectral ranges are available for special order (UV-B, UV-C and UV full ranges).

    The new measuring equipment technology:
    • Provides More Flexibility
    • Saves you from expensive downtime and rejected parts
    • Allows your machine to run More Efficiently
    • Optimizes UV lamp and reflector life

    It is recommended that you properly familiarize yourself with the way the sensors function, the device's numerous possibilities and read the operating instructions. This is absolutely necessary to not only avoid operating and measuring errors, but prevent damage to the device.

  • A002067

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