Gelousy 1-Step Nail Pro Kit
Gelousy 1-Step Nail Pro Kit Gelousy 1-Step UV Cure Nail Professional Kit Gelousy 1-Step UV Cure Nail Professional Kit

Gelousy 1-Step UV Cure Nail Professional Kit
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  • This professional UV 1-step kit for the nail tech.

    1-Step Gel (.5oz)
    Gelousy Acid free Primer (.5oz)
    French Pink Gel (.25oz)
    Extra White Gel (.25oz)
    Big Sexy Red Gel (.25oz)
    Cuticle Oil (.5oz)
    Nail Prep & Prep pump bottle (.8oz)
    Oval Brush
    Square Brush
    Scrub Brush
    Dust Brush
    100/180 Speedy Zebra File
    100/180 Jumbo Speedy Zebra File
    Instruction DVD

    Gelousy is incredibly durable and flexible, giving client's both a natural look and feel. It can be sculpted, applied over tips or used as an overlay on the natural nail. Gelousy can be worn either naturally, as a french manicure, with Gelousy color or finish with polish. Gelousy gel products are odorless and have reduced dust when filing, offering clients and nail technicians a safer and more pleasant environment.

    How can you save money by using UV gels? Find out more.

    - Crystal Clear, no fill lines
    - Colors make unique French Manicures
    - Thin, natural feel and look
    - Polish optional
    - No yellowing, even in sun and tanning beds
    - Everlasting shiny finish, no top coat needed.

    Application: Squeeze bottle applicator allows for easy application and total control even when sculpting. Simple technique, reduced filing and no buffing - gel is completely cured in two minutes.

    Durability: Integrated flexibility and more durable than acrylic or wraps. No lifting - natural gel cannot be dissolved by acetone or other harsh chemicals. Unlimited shelf life, will not crystallize or thicken.

    Well-Being: Our gel is environmentally friendly, odorless and hypoallergenic. The nail gel is not damaging to natural nails, which leads to happier clients.

    If you are purchasing this product, please enter your cosmetology license number on the checkout page.

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