UV Curing - Gelousy UV/LED Cure Base And Topcoat For Nail Polish (.6oz)

Gelousy UV/LED Cure Base and Topcoat for Nail Polish (.6oz)
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Gelousy total polish replacement is a nail polish replacement or UV cured nail polish. It is similar to Shellac and Gelish. The product should last on the nail for three weeks. It will cure in a UV LED dryer in 1 minute and a regular UV nail lamp in 2 minutes.

You don't have to remove the shine from the nail, but if you do it will last longer; Nor do you have to use Gelousy Acid Free Primer, but if you do, it will last longer.

Application Steps:
  1. Prep nail
  2. Apply base/top coat
  3. Cure 2 minutes (1 minute in LED)
  4. Apply color (most only need 1 coat)
  5. Cure 2 minutes (1 minute in LED)
  6. Apply base/top coat
  7. Cure 2 minutes (1 minute in LED)
  8. Wipe with Gelousy Nail Prep


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