UV Curing - Gelousy DuraFlex UV Cure Gel For Thicker Nails

Gelousy DuraFlex UV Cure Gel for Thicker Nails
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  • Gelousy DuraFlex can be used to enhance the strength of any gel system. Use it anytime after your bonder and before your finisher. It is also good for techs that prefer working with a thicker product, so it doesn't level as fast. You may need to shape the enhancement with a file after using Dura Flex if you did not give it enough time to self level. It does not cure with a shiny finish, so a finishing gel like Natural or All Done! must be used. Be sure to follow the three second rule when setting the gel, as the more gel you put on the nail the hotter it will get.

    Gelousy is incredibly durable and flexible, giving clients both a natural look and feel. Gelousy gel products are odorless and have reduced dust when filing, offering clients and nail technicians a safer and more pleasant environment.

    If you are purchasing this product, please enter your cosmetology license number on the checkout page.
  • Dura-Flex


    Dura Flex

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