GermAway UV HVAC Monitor System

GermAway UV HVAC Monitor System
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The GERMAWAYUV HVAC MONITOR SYSTEM is the ideal device for monitoring the good function of your UVC units and ensuring the safety of the company’s staff, visitors and clients by boosting UVC levels in case of emergencies. Remotely check the levels of UVC emitted by your units and get warnings when your systems are not producing enough UVC to effectively sanitize the air.

  • Add it to your UVC Systems or HVAC UVC installations and ensure your device
  • Emergency systems boost UVC energy when it falls below the level needed to eliminate harmful pathogens
  • Emergency boosts also extend the useful life of your units and reduce maintenance
  • Alert email is sent automatically to report low levels of UVC produced by your unit
  • Wireless Smartphone & Web Control allows management of multiple units remotely
  • Easily monitor the status of your devices and ensure the well-being of occupants

This HVAC MONITOR SYSTEM designed for 254 nm UVC devices is the perfect addition to any UVC air sanitizing unit. By controlling the levels of UVC emitted by your devices remotely you are able to prevent the spread of harmful pathogens in your facilities ensuring the wellbeing of occupants such as visitors and workers. This device will not only control the UVC levels, create datasheets and warn you, but it will also boost your units in case of an emergency to get them correctly functioning to sustain the needed level of UVC to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Extend the useful life of your UVC Systems and reduce the costs of maintenance with this cost-effective monitoring system.

Technical Specifications:

  • Modular System:
    • 120VAC to 12VDC adapter
    • 254nm UVC sensor
    • Sensor interface board
    • Wi-Fi enabled microcontroller unit
    • 3.5” touchscreen display
    • IP65 NEMA housing
  • Sensor Range: 0.1 to 19.9mW/cm2
  • WiFi Connections: Smartphone App to device and vice versa
  • Connection Devices: 3.5” TFT Display, iPhone or Android phones and Web-Based Control Panel


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