IBD UV Nail Bonder Gel (.5oz)

IBD UV Bonder Nail Gel (.5oz)
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A Non-Acid Primer for gel. A non-acid primer with a strong grip. Use on the natural nails to promote excellent adhesion with UV Gels.

Features and Benefits of IBD Gels:
  • Strong, flexible, Durable, and Long Lasting: Will not lift peel, yellow crack or break.
  • Ultra Clear, Permanently Shiny and Non-Yellowing: Can be worn with or without polish. When polish is removed, gel nails will still be ultra transparent, permanently shiny and non yellowing just as when they were first applied.
  • Light-Weight Natural Feel: Looks and feels more natural than any other artificial nail enhancement. Will not damage the natural nail plate.
  • Self Leveling, Less Filling: Save time and see increased profits.
  • Cures on Demand: gives more time to perfect the shape of the nail. Hardens only when exposed to a UV lamp.
  • Choice of Shades: Today's hottest trends! IBD Gels come in different shades to compliment any clients' fashion sense, skin tone and nail bed color.
  • Gel Polish Ideal for pedicures: Whether your client prefers the "perfectly polished" or the "French" look, IBD Gels are perfect for pedicures.
  • Dermatologist tested, Acid-Free, Odor-Free, Cool Cure: Our Bonder replaces primer and is gentler to the natural nail plate and cuticles, does not "etch" the natural nail. No heat sensation, more comfort for the client.


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