UV Curing - LensBright Headlight Restorer - 8oz Can For HVLP Spray Gun

LensBright Headlight Restorer - 8oz Can for HVLP Spray Gun
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LensBright Headlight Restorer

The Lensbright Headlight Restorer - 8oz Can For HVLP Spray Gun is a UV cure coating that works well for HVLP spray guns. The restorer is designed to improve clarity, appearance and light output of oxidized, yellowing or hazy plastic headlights. The LensBright Headlight Restorer was formulated with the intention of restoring the factory look to plastic headlamps and is designed to cure with our Dual Lamp UV Tripod, Handheld UV Spot Light, or direct sunlight.

The Headlight restorer helps in increasing light output, improves night time driving safety and also improves the look of your vehicle. This coating has withstood 3 years of Florida climate exposure with no deterioration. The Headlight Restorer cures fast to a high and hard gloss finish. It has excellent adhesion, durability along with UV resistance.


  • Restores dull and cloudy lenses
  • Saves you from purchasing a new headlight
  • Excellent adhesion, durability and UV resistance

LensBright UV Headlight Restore Data and Instructions (PDF)

LensBright UV Headlight Restorer MSDS (PDF)

LensBright UV Headlight Restorer HVLP Instructions (PDF)

Note: CureUV.com stocks generic products that are 100% compatible with the original equipment.

Customer Reviews

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Maureen Green
Lensbright Headlight Restorer

This product works when instructions are followed on how the cleaning and applying/spraying the restorer on to the headlights. Just got to wait 3 years or so for the yellowing to return.

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  • isi it available in india?


    Thank you for reaching out.....unfortunately we do not have this product available in India.
    However, we would be happy to ship it though it would be more economically affordable to find a distributor in India that may sell a similar product.

    Good luck and Stay Safe.