SPDI Compbond 77 - Primer

SPDI Compbond 77 - Primer
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SPDI Compbond 77 Primer for TPO, Polypropylene, and tough to bond plastic surfaces.


  • Provides high resistance against moisture and heat, aging, and permanent tack of the surface finishing
  • Achieves an optimum adhesion to the substrate
  • Functions as a barrier that protects the surface against infiltration of water or other external elements

Primers are usually applied in a thin film to ensure proper drying of the coating. Due to the long-lasting effect of the dried primer, the primer application and the bonding process can generally be carried out independently at different times.

Technical specifications:

  • Viscosity, cps: 8 - 10
  • Color: Amber
  • Use with: All Acrylic, Methacrylate and Epoxy adhesives


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