Wall Mountable UVC Air Purifier
Wall Mountable UVC Air Purifier Wall Mountable UVC Air Purifier Wall Mountable UVC Air Purifier Wall Mountable UVC Air Purifier Wall Mountable UVC Air Purifier Wall Mountable UVC Air Purifier

Wall Mountable UVC Air Purifier
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This product is the latest high tech air purifier using advanced UV-C sterilization as part of an 8 stage process to clean the air in a room well beyond the level of normal air filters. This purifier also features smart technology to provide maximum efficiency and convenience, eliminating any air quality issues in the home, office or classroom!


  • 8 Stage Purification System - sterilizes and de-dusts the air in a room utilizing an 8 stage system that consists of a pre-filter (with INTERSPT bactericide to filter larger particles), an activated carbon filter, a middle filter, a HEPA filter, a photocatalyst filter, UV sterilization, anion purification, and finally ozone sterilization.
  • Large Coverage Area - can purify an area up to 20-30 square meters (65.5 to 98.5 square feet)
  • Intelligent automatic air detection sensors will automatically detect the air quality of a room and automatically adjust the setting accordingly, so you'll always know you're getting the best possible air quality regardless of the circumstances.
  • Easy to Read Indicator Light tells you the quality of the air at a glance - red for poor, green for good, and blue for excellent.
  • Wall Mountable for Convenience - Includes all hardware for wall mounting to keep the unit out of the way and unobtrusive.
  • Timed sleep function allows you to set your purifier and not worry about having to be around to turn it off.


The multi-stage purification system will give you the best possible air quality.

The pre-filter features a bactericide and helps deal with larger particles. After that, the carbone filter, middle filter, HEPA filter and photocatalyst filter do their thing. Then comes the UV-C light for sterilization to disinfect and sanitize, followed by anion purification and finally, ozone sterilization.

Please note: While this air purifier will help remove harmful particles from the air and improve the overall air quality, no air purifier is a guarantee against removing all trace of viruses or pathogens from the air, and should not be used for this purpose. 


Dimensions: Measures 15.75" x 4.15" x 11", it has a sleek and unobtrusive modern design

Weight: At 6.2 lbs, this lightweight unit is versatile and portable to move to different rooms when needed, or can be mountable to be unobtrusive and out of reach of children.

Scent: The device is equipped with fragrance dispenser and includes a bottle of plant based oil. Feel free to substitute your own.  

Power Supply:  Plug and play hub. 120V with included adapter


Batteries: CR 2025 Lithium Battery for remote (included)

With all these features, clean air has never been so easy! 

If you have any questions or are just unsure about anything why not just drop us a lineHve questions? Email us at sales@cureuv.com or give us a call at (561) 243-8442. 

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