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CureUV supplies replacement UV germicidal lamps and quartz sleeves for every industry, including: industrial water treatment, municipal water sterilization, residential water purification, aquarium and pond filtration (aquaculture), food service, food processing, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, home HVAC units, scientific laboratories, wells, surface treatment, hospitals, electronics, pharmaceuticals, hotels, water bottlers, marine, and more.

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There is a countless number of replacement germicidal UV lamp part numbers, models and types. Not every part number can be listed on this page, but we will continue to add cross references as we discover them.


90 1910 1930 1076R 87N77

Aqua Treatment Services

ATS-15 ATS-1-805 ATS-2-3215 ATS-2-3231 ATS-2-3232
ATS-2-436 ATS-2-457 ATS-4-325 ATS-4-397 ATS-4-450
ATS-4-525 ATS-4-739 ATS-4-875 ATS-8-246 ATS-I-814
DSW12V DWS-12 DWS-15 DWS-24 DWS-6
SE-15 SE-24 SE-7 SE-8V SL-5
SL-8 SL-8V ATS-4-463R ATS-4-810R ATS-4-843R



Lancaster Pump

12-6 3-6 4-6 5-6 7-6
7-L10 7-L20 7-L8-246 7-LWT-UV015 7-LWT-UV025
7-LWT-UV10 7-LWT-UV20 L-12-6 LBR-12 LBR-4
LBR-6 LBR-8 LUV-10E LUV-12 LUV-20E

Second Wind

1000KA 1000KCS 1002KCS 1062 1076
2000 8000 9000 F1000 1068
1068A 8000 PFP

WEDECO Ideal Horizons

41002 12001 22018 2-CUV 32001
41012 41035 42014 2001 11002
11003 11004 11010 12002 12003
12006 12008 12013 12026 22001
22002 22003 22004 22005 22006
22015 22023 22031 4100 41003
41004 41005 41007 41010 41016
42002 42003 42005 42012 42016
42019 42022 42047 42051 42052
42053 1-CUV 4-CUV 6-CUV CR-7
CS-25 IH-1 IH-2 IH-25 IH-4
IH-40 IH40387 IH-5 IH-8 IV-25
IV-40 IV-8 LBR-12 LBR-4 LBR-6
LBR-8 LBRE-6 LBRE-8 ME-10 ME-4
ME-7 MWE-10 MWE-6 RE-12 RE-5
RE-8 REH-8 SH-10 SH-15 SH-20
SH-4 SH-7 SHE-15 SR-1 SR-2
SR-3 SS-10 SS-15 SS-20 SS-4
SS-7 SSE-4 SSW-10 SSW-15 SSW-20
SSW-30 SSW-45 SSW-6 SSW-60 SSWE-6
SV-10 SV-15 SV-20 SV-30 SV-4
SV-45 SV-6 SV-60 SV-7 SVE-4
SVE-6 SVE-7 IH-1S LMP4090 ME-30
ME38K20 MWEH-6 SSWE-20 SVE-45 SVE-60

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CureUV is not affiliated with or endorsed by any other OEM company mentioned on this website, unless otherwise specified. All brand names used on this website are intended only to show compatibility of our replacement UV bulb brand with any OEM brand name UV system, and to ease navigation of the website. All product images are those of our compatible brand discount germicidal UV lamps. All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders. We do not sell original manufacturer brand Aprilaire, Aqua Treatment Services, Biolite, Lancaster Pump, Second Wind, or WEDECO Ideal Horizons UV bulbs.

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