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Ultraviolet Headlight Restoration Adhesives, Epoxies, and Glues UV Coatings and Varnish
UV Headlight Restoration Adhesives, Epoxies, and UV Glues UV Coatings, Dyes, and Varnish

Stronger Coatings, Quicker and Better Glues, and Headlights that Shine Forever

Ultraviolet technology continues to make it more and more into our everyday products and the reason why is obvious. UV Coatings on wood are generally stronger, thinner, more scratch resistant and more evenly applied than conventional coatings. On headlights, UV coatings make it so that your 20 year old headlights can shine like new for years without yellowing. Additionally, UV glue works not only quicker than conventional glue, but is usually stronger and more flexible. CureUV has a full offering of coatings, headlight restoration products, and all sorts of UV glues and adhesives. We will help you leverage this technology for your personal and professional use. Give us a call and we'll help you out as needed. Have a great day! 800-977-7292