You’re about to travel and you’ve booked a hotel room or Airbnb. The reviews are good but you’re still not quite sure about the place. You want the place you’ll be staying in to be healthy, clean and sanitized. You want to have peace of mind that there won’t be unseen germs in the hotel room when you stretch out on that hotel bedspread, or step on the hotel floor, or lay your head on the hotel pillow or even touch the hotel remote control.

You’ve been living in your apartment for a while now, and it’s time for a deep spring clean. You’re just about done and your roommate is happy, but there are a couple of spots you just aren’t sure about. You want the satisfaction of having sanitized all the germs in every little bit of the apartment.  

Here at CureUV we understand your need for a clean and sanitized environment and now with our range of small and portable LED germ detection devices, we have a solution to satisfy .

Are UV Flashlights better than regular LED flashlights?

Yes. These device flashlights use UV-A black light (390-400 nm) to help you detect expose and avoid germs in hotel bedspreads, carpeted floors and pillows and to help you find and eliminate the hidden and unseen corners, spots and patches of dirt in your house or anywhere else.  

Our Flashlight devices come in three LED intensities: 

  • 9 LED 
    • Smallest of the range easy to transport and carry in handbag or suitcase
    • Fixed focus lens
  • 21 LED
    • Fixed Focus Lens
    • Curing of Epoxy and Coating Function (requires 395nm) – guitars, architecture models, airplane and care models, fishing flies.
  • 51 LED
    • Fixed Focus Lens
    • Long lasting battery life

Once you’ve found the dirt, with your flashlight why not try one of our other amazing UV-C sanitizing and disinfecting devices – the surface sterilizing wand and the mountable air purifier

And if you think an LED detection device is just overkill well we’d like to point out that they are handy to have around for other inspection purposes:

  • To Detect leaks (AC, GAS or Oil)
  • To Spot damage and cracks to glassware and windows.
“Used it with an AC leak dye. Worked as intended” - SUSAN on Mar 02, 2017


  • For Professional inspections
  • Anti-counterfeit detections
  • As part of Forensic supplies
51 LED FLASHLIGHT- The best flashlight you can get with your money
“The best I've ever owned in the detective field. A++++++++++++” DENNY BARTH on Sep 22, 2016


  • You can even use the flashlights to help you find spiders and scorpions in your home

With these flashlights, nothing will escape you!