The introduction of UV cured primers has been making a huge impression in the automotive collision refinishing industries in the past few years.  

Unfortunately due to vast improvements in UV technology within the primers and the UV systems not following suit, it never really took off and gathered traction like it should have and many people have and are reluctant to make the change from conventional primers to UV.

UV Fastlane has turned this around with the introduction of their line of UV Curing systems.  The units are robustly made in the USA and utilize high powered bulbs specifically designed for the primers on the market today.

Shops can quickly start moving more cars through their facilities assured that there will be no shrinkage or need to re-apply or rework. With a little training paint guys can now become curing experts within minutes. No waiting for drying or need to batch work. Fix more cars in less time and improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line!