Fully Automated Gen 5 UV Guitar Finishing Cabinet

The Leader in UV Automated Guitar Finish Curing.

Full customizable digital profiling to meet every guitar design's unique needs for UV finish curing. The Touch Screen Control Center features advanced real-time monitoring, self-diagnostics, and customizable alert information. Incorporates user-friendly production history, maintenance reminders and tips, as well as expansive help screens with trouble-shooting guides and light bar production indicator.

CureUV Total-Cure 1100S UV Curing System
This portable and rugged UV system has a maximum output of over 1100 watts. Its curing width of 3" and uniform ultraviolet exposure make working on wood, glue, epoxies, and other coatings a joy.

Designed to be user-friendly, the Total-Cure1100S works perfectly on any UV curing application (see the typical applications below). It even switches to low power when placed in its standby nest to lower your power consumption. The 1100S is the most powerful system that will plug right into a standard 120-volt wall outlet so no need to call an electrician to set up your workplace!
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CureUV Total-Cure 2400 UV Curing System
Our Total-Cure benchtop UV system is our most powerful handheld machine in the industry. With a maximum effective output beyond anything in the field and a 6-inch cure width. This unit is ideal for heavy industrial production.

With its simple yet high-tech design, it can handle a wide variety of curing applications, requiring virtually no learning curve or setup time. This system can be run all day every day for years and function just as well as when it was first purchased. It is made to take the daily heavy-duty use of a production environment. If you want the best UV Curing System in the industry, look no further.
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