UV Curing & Drying

UV Curing Lamps, Drying Systems, UV Coatings and Quick-Dry Glues.

UV Germicidal Sanitation

UV Bulbs, Disinfectants, Sanitizers, Air Conditioning Ultraviolet Purifiers, etc...

Replacement UV Bulbs

OEM Quality guaranteed UV Bulbs for any UV system out there. Plus a low price guarantee!

UV Systems by Application

Now UV curing is the fastest part of your process. Industry leading UV Curing Units at competitive prices.

GermAwayUV Series

Chemical free ultraviolet disinfection for homes, restaurants, hospitals, and industrial applications.

UV Chambers and Ovens

UV Chambers for UV Curing and Sanitation with UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C bulbs.

Wide Array UV Curing Systems

Turnkey UV Curing Systems for a variety of uses in both standalone and integrated applications.

UV Reflectors and Liners

Aluminum and purple dichroic UV Reflectors for all presses and UV Curing Systems.