5 Great Reasons to Implement the Use of UV
Ultraviolet Curing. UV Coating. UV-C germicidal sterilization. I am sure you have heard at least one of those phrases if you do any printing, coating, laminating, or just want to get rid of germs, mold and/or bacteria. Reason #1: UV is one of the smartest technologies available. Reason #2: UV curing is better for the environment, with low or no VOC’s, it is a better choice over solvent ink. Reason #3: Whether you are doing large or wide format flatbed printing, screenprinting orplastic container decorating, an Ultra Violet clearcoat will make your product last longer and stand out from the rest. Reason #4: Instant drying/curing/finishing will occur due to the reaction of the UV light to the ink or Ultraviolet coating materials. Reason #5: Kills germs, bacteria, and mold spores instantaneously for a healthier workplace, home and environment. Ready for 10 more reasons?

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