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Ultraviolet Curing and Drying

Ultraviolet Curing Lamps

UV Lamp 101: The Basic Guide to UV Curing

What do I need to know about UV curing and ultraviolet safety?

What is a UV curing lamp?

How can I tell if a UV lamp is curing properly?

What is the average UV lamp life expectancy?

How long does a typical UV lamp warranty last?

What is the difference between a standard and ozone free UV lamp?

Can you dope any UV lamp?

Do you keep my UV lamp in inventory?

What makes your UV lamps better?

What affects UV lamp life longevity?

What is UV intensity?

How do you test UV lamp intensity?

Can I get UV lamps and reflectors shipped automatically every month/year?

Do you offer UV lamps and reflectors together in a package?

Do you offer free UV lamp samples for evaluation?

How do I know what kind of UV lamp to use such as: Mercury/Iron/Gallium/Lead?

What is the spectral output of a UV Lamp?

What is a UVA bulb?

What is a UVB bulb?

Do you manufacture the sockets for my UV lamps?

What is the difference between UVA and UVB?

Can I use an iron or gallium additive lamp in place of my mercury lamp?

Are there multiple UV lamps that can be used in each digital inkjet printer?

How do I know if I need a special-doped UV lamp to go with my UV system for the best performance?

What is the silver colored bead inside of the UV lamp?

Why do the Metalbox UV lamps only last a few hundred hours?

What is the average lifespan of a Fusion UV Compatible (Electrodeless) UV Lamp?

What are the advantages of Fusion UV Compatible (Electrodeless) UV Lamps?

Is UV light dangerous to the ozone?

Ultraviolet Reflectors

Is the UV reflector quality important?

How do you know when you need to change a reflector out?

How often do you need to change UV reflectors? Every time you change a UV lamp?

How do I measure a UV reflector?

What are the types of UV reflector configurations?

Can you cut and bend UV reflectors to fit our UV systems?

What is the life expectancy of a UV Reflector - aluminum quartz or dichroic?

How will I know your UV reflectors will fit in my UV system?

Why are the purple UV reflectors so much more money?

Why is a dichroic UV reflector material purple?

What is the purpose of dichroic coating?

Why are the UViterno UV reflectors made out of such thick, extruded material?

Ultraviolet Quartz Plates and Hot Mirrors

What is a UV quartz barrier plate?

How do I know if I need a UV hot mirror or UV cold mirror for my UV lamp?

Ultraviolet Curing Systems

What is the difference between a UV emitter and a UV irradiator?

Is a UV dryer the same as a UV oven?

How much time can I save from using a UV System vs. Conventional Drying System?

Do UV-curable materials last longer than non UV-curable materials?

What if my UV ink or UV coating is not curing and/or drying? Is it the UV lamp?

Can you use any UV Ballast?

Do you manufacture UV Ballasts?

How do I test my UV Ballast to see if it’s still good?

Do you manufacture UV Capacitors?

Why cant you get consistent curing from a Metalbox UV system?

Ultraviolet Coatings

What is the difference between UV-cured and conventional coatings?

Do UV coatings have better scratch resistance than non UV-dried materials?

What are the advantages of using Surface 519 UV Coatings on concrete surfaces?

Are UV Coatings harmful to the environment?

Why isn't my UV coating curing?

Why are there air bubbles in my UV coating?

Ultraviolet Wood Finishing

What are the benefits of UV Wood Finishing?

Ultraviolet Radiometers and Light Intensity Meters

Does the UV lamp have to be brand new (unused) before using the UV intensity meters and UV intensity strips?

What is the difference between UV intensity and UV dosing?

Nail and Beauty

What is the life expectancy of the replacement UV lamps? Do I have to replace them all at the same time?

What is the difference between a UV Topcoat, UV Builder, and UV Bonder?

Why should I buy a UV Nail Dryer with more watts? Will UV Nail gels and topcoats dry faster?

Germicidal UVC Sanitation

UVC Light Bulbs

What is a UVC light bulb?

What is the average lifespan of germicidal UVC light bulbs?

What is a Shatterproof Coating?

How are germicidal UVC bulbs used?

UVC Sanitizers

What are the advantages of UV water purification?

How important is Air Purification in the household?

How does the HVAC (UVC light) help clean the indoor air and eliminate dangerous germs that can cause viruses and allergies?

Can UV sanitizers destroy beneficial nitrifying bacteria?

Ultraviolet Headlight Restoration


How are you able to offer a lifetime warranty and what exactly is covered?

Should any other prep work be done to the light?

If too much product is applied causing a run, what can be done about this?

If I'm getting orange peel (rough texture) patterns, what is the solution?

After I applied LightRite, there was a slight haziness to the product, but it did clear up in a few minutes. Why?

Are there any temperature issues with LightRite?