At, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. We do not run a business by selling a single ultraviolet sanitizers to a restaurant kitchen and never talking to them again. We are there to teach them how to use that product safely and ensure that they are protecting their patrons from disease. We are there later when they expand to another location. We are there if they decide to sell and liquidate their equipment. Our business is based on building strong relationships with our clients and helping them throughout their lives whenever relevant. Admittedly, this is not a very modern way of doing business but it is the way we have always operated and we like to call many of our customers our friends.

With that mindset, we have decided that our prices need to be competitive. We want to make a fair profit but we do not want to price gouge. As such, we offer a lowest price guarantee! Although we believe we offer a full UV solution and pricing is a small aspect of that, we will not be beat on price! 

If you have a written quote or competitive website price that you would like us to beat, simply send it over to and we will unequivocally beat it! We look forward to hearing from you.


Fine Print:

  • Quote/price must be for new and unopened item. No second hand or refurbished items qualify.
  • Quote must be from a reputable retailer and not a close-out or auction site. We will beat the actual quote but any future rebate, pricing error, verbal promises, etc.. do not apply
  • Quote must be valid and timely. In other words, a listing for an item from a company that no longer sells them is not valid. The general rule of thumb is simple, if you are unable to purchase it from the source of your quote then the quote is not valid. 
  • We cannot beat a price if the selling price is somehow below our cost (we hope this never actually happens!)