CureUV's 9,000 Hour UVC Warranty!

CureUV's 9,000 Hour UVC Warranty!
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We often get asked why our UVC bulbs are so cheap. We actually strongly dislike that word. Our bulbs are not cheap. They are affordable! The major difference between our bulbs and the big brand names is the price. The reality is that many companies work very hard to create a mystique around their UV bulbs so that they can charge their customers really high prices. They hope that customers will lack the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision and will therefore err on the side of caution and pay a high price for it.

The reality is that UVC bulbs are not as complex as they would like you to believe. A bulb's quality comes down to a few key components, mainly the materials used, the way in which they are put together and the electrical "recipe".

CureUV's generic replacement bulbs use high quality electrodes and connectors and extremely pure quartz glass. Beyond that, we make sure to electrically match the OEM bulb with the same exact current, voltage, and wattage to make sure that our bulb performs just as well as the original equipment. Finally, we seal the system to keep the bulb running at high efficiency for the longest amount of time possible. 

Our UVC bulbs output UV light with an exact peak wavelength of 253.7 nanometers, the optimum frequency for germicidal irradiation. This is really the crux of the matter. Everything else you see with the big name brands is just wonderful marketing. 

Still, we understand that us saying that our bulbs last a long time is not enough of an incentive for someone across the internet to trust us. After all, without a warranty, any claim is just another bit of marketing. We stand behind our product and that is why we carry the only 9,000 hour warranty in the industry. 

Purchase a UVC bulb from us and if it does not last you 9,000 hours (or a year), let us know and we will make it right!

If you have any questions about our 9,000 hour prorated warranty, please post them in the section below or email us at

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