9 Keys to Creating Perfect Nails Every Time

The Gelousy Gel Nail System is easy to use.  Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Prep, Prep, Prep.  These are the three most important words in our system.  If you do not prepare the nail properly your clients will have problems.  Both you and your client should wash your hands before every service without exception!

2. The nails should not be flat.  We designed the squeeze bottle as a tool to assist you in creating the perfect arch.  Use it.

3. The nails should not be bumpy.  We designed the squeeze bottles as a tool to assist you in filling in any dips.  Use it.  You can be very precise with the application tip.  get it right in there to place a small string of gel exactly where you need it.

4. Gravity is free.  Turn the nails upside down to allow the gel to flow to the middle of the nail when creating the arch.

5. Teach your clients how to place their hands in the UV dryer.  Make sure their nails are flat under the light.

6. Do not go short on the curing times.  If the nail is not shiny you have not cured the product long enough.  If you are sure your client is in the dryer properly and for a full two minutes and the nail is still dull you may need to change your bulb.

7. Stir your pink, white and extra white colors.  Be sure to mix well and scrape the bottom of the jar.  This will prevent chipping and make the colors much more brilliant.

8. For best results replace bulbs and reflectors in your lamps every six months.

9. Follow the three second rule. After applying the gel place the hand in the lamp for three seconds and remove it.  This will freeze the gel so it won’t run into the side wall.  Then you can continue to the next nail.  When curing all of the nails you may need to flash the gel two or three times to prevent burning your client depending on how sensitive your client is.  Never burn your client.  They should never be in any pain.

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