Beat Those Pesky Bugs!

Bugs and flying critters in the home and business can be a real, well pest.

So CureUV has teamed with some of the best manufacturers in home and commercialBug Lights and UV Insect Traps to combat this annoyance.

Having problems in kitchens, bars, restaurants or any large commercial space with flies, gnats, fruit flies, etc? Our Sticky Fox, Sticky Tiger or Sticky Bear will rid you of your ‘plague’.  Our various sized industrial traps all use special wavelength UV Lamps and Sticky Cards to attract and then quietly dispose of all manner of winged insects.  Simply change out the easily removable sticky card once full.

Trying to enjoy those late summer nights on the porch, or be able to open your windows and doors without your house filling up with unwanted guests?

Take a look at our various Bug Light products for the home.  There are several low cost and affordable versions to choose with our most popular being the FlyWeb Fly Light.  Its compact size and direct plug-in feature allow the light to be placed in any standard electrical outlet.  All replacement lamps and cards are always available at CureUV and a handy kit is availablefor purchase too.

Keep checking back as this is a constantly expanding product line.  Together we will claim back our spaces from the winged hoard!

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