When it comes to UV Nail Dryers, there seem to be many varieties available – different sizes, different UV wattages, single hand, double hand, with and without fans, etc. Whether your are purchasing for a professional Nail Salon or buying one forhome use, the result you are trying to acheive is the same: curing UV Gel in a matter of seconds and enjoying the lasting effects for a few weeks.  The 9 watt and 20 watt Nail Gel Dryers are good for home use, however you will see better more efficient results from a 36 or 54 watt dryer used in most professional Nail Salons.  They do use a few more curing lamps, but they are inexpensive and easy to replace.  Better yet the higher wattage models have timers built in for up to 4 minutes, so no more turning the Dryer on and off during the ma

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