Dichroic, Purple Coated Aluminum UV Reflectors made in the U.S.A.
In the realm of UV Curing, the UV lamp is very important, but the reflector plays just as an important part in the curing process and outcome of the product. Some Ultraviolet Reflectors are silver aluminum and others have a purple or purple-blue tinted coating on them, referred to as Dichroic. Some may even call them Dichrylic. Other terms related to dichroic coating would beHot mirror, Cold mirror, Anti-reflection, Infrared, UV blocker, UV pass, or IR blocker. Whether you have a Nordson/Baldwin System, Grafix, Eltosch System, or a Digital Flatbed UV Press like the AGFA or Durst Rho Models, the replacement Dichroic Reflector Shields are available usually in a week or two.

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