Digital UV Flatbed Printing for Large and Wide Format Graphic Displays
With today’s electronic technology seeming to take over, there is still a need for visual advertising in the form of posters, banners and signs.  They are virtually everywhere you look. Whether you realize it or not, your mind is subconsciously focusing on what you see around you.  That said, the impression advertisers make is very important, therefore their products must be brilliant and stand out.  Enter Digital UV Printing – the most efficient and sure-fire way to get attention.  UV-curable printing allows sign and print shops to print directly onto the substrate in large or short runs.  The good news is by printing and drying the substrate with Ultraviolet light, not only do you eliminate long drying times enabling higher production quantity, but the print quality is outstanding.  Most UV Systems are imported from outside the U.S.A., and the replacement UV bulbs,  dichroic purple coated reflectorsand quartz plates can be costly.  The best plan of attack is finding a supplier in the states, as all bulbs are manufactured with the exact same specifications, lead times much shorter, not to mention being more cost efficient.  Also keep in mind you do not need to change out the entire cartridge every time you change a lamp.  It is very easy to replace the lamps and clean the reflectors a few times.  So hopefully by now everyone is on board with this amazing technology.  Remember, what you see IS what you get !

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