Do you need to replace your cabinet and flooring UV Curing lamps and reflectors regularly? Of course you Wood!

How many times do you wait until your lamp and/or reflector has been in the press for a few months time before even thinking about replacing them? Most lamp manufacturer’s will offer a 1000 hour warranty on the bulb but realistically once a lamp has been running for about 700+ hours the mercury inside is starting to degrade and it’s about time to consider replacing it.

With a substrate like wood, such as cabinetry, flooring, wood stringed instruments, etc…, theUltraviolet Curable finish is so extraordinary that you want to make sure that the item being produced is at its utmost in quality when presenting to your Customer.

I cannot stress this enough, but just as important as replacing the UV light is replacing the shield that goes along with it. The UV liner plays a very important role as far as bulb longevity. Your best bet is to get both the lamp and reflector together, as you have more important things to think about like completing the job for your end Customer. Even the small handheld UV curing systems need to have the UV lamps and reflectors changed out every so often depending on how frequently you use the unit. So don’t be s

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