Dont wait weeks for OEM Digital UV Lamp Replacements!

So you’ve got a large format digital printing project due soon for an important client and yourdigital UV lamps have got more than 500 hours on them, which is about the right time to change them out. You look on the shelf and there are no spare UV bulbs or reflectors. You may get lucky and the OEM has them on the shelf. Highly unlikely.

Always keep a spare set of UV lamps, reflector liners, and quartz barrier plates on hand; this ensures that production can continue without having to stop and worry about ordering and waiting for product, which in turn makes your end Customer wait for theirs.

If you have Mimaki, HP, Colorspan (or old MacDermid), OCE, or UV Integration lamps, there is also no need to replace the expensive cartridges. The lamps can be replaced very easily into your old cartridges for a fraction of the cost.

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