Electrodeless Microwave Powered (also known as Fusion Compatible) lamps-for Digital UV Flatbed printing too!
Just when you thought that Electrodeless UV Systems only purpose was for Bottle and Container decorating, another industry has taken advantage of the microwave-powered technology- theDigital UV Flatbed printing sector.  Now known as HP, Nur Systems as well as the HP Scitex XP2700 Press use them as well to optimize their printing capabilities on banners, posters, signs and trade show materials, to name a few. What is the definition of electrodeless? It simply is a different type of technology that does not require an electronic ballast in order for the lamp to ignite. In fact, there are no electrodes, no wires and simply put, works in the same manner as a conventional microwave you have in your home, using microwave energy not physical current. You may have also heard that in one of these systems you may need an ignitor bulb, but that is not always true. One basic difference when choosing an Ultraviolet unit is that the ballast required is actually a magnetron, not easily accessible in the US.   Reasonable so, electrodeless system’s popularity can vary compared to that of a UV System that uses an electronic ballast for power.  So simply put, electrodeless replacement Ultra Violet lamps are a unique brand of technology.  I hope I was able to explain it well !  Happy Printing !

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