Grow Flowers and Vegetables year round!!
How can you enjoy your garden year round you may ask?  Well, due to its design the Wonderlite incorporates the full spectrum of the sun’s rays allowing you to have beautiful plants all year round!   It’s balanced UV light output grow and bloom those hard to grow plants which require up to 12 hours of sunlight a day.   Whether you’re a florist, horticulturist, or hobbyist this Ultra Violet lamp is fully guaranteed to successfully bloom orchids, roses, and all standard flowering house plants including vegetables.   Just screw in the bulb to any medium ceramic socket, and the lamp goes to work,  giving your plants all the light they require to flourish inside or outside!  Get an early start on your spring flowers and bedding plants.  Keep your tropical flowers alive and healthy through the winter.  This UV lamp is perfect for the chef enthusiast who enjoys fresh herbs to cook with right from their very own home all year long.

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