Headlights not bright? Then try LightRite!

By now you’ve probably seen those late night commercials that claim to be able to restore your headlights with no more than a quick wipe on and an even quicker wipe off.  ‘So you guys are selling this wonder product, and it works!’ I hear you cry.  Well in a word, nope!  But CureUV is proud to bring you a product that with a little preparation and minimal amount of effort does work.

The LightRite family of products not only restores faded, yellowed or cloudy headlight lenses which can decrease your nighttime vision by up to 50%, but protects them from further fading and comes with a lifetime warranty, (labor cost is not included).

LightRite is a UV curable coating that requires direct natural sunlight or a UV-A System to ‘dry’ it.  So our Low Intensity UV-A Dual Lamp Tripod Value Pak is a great investment for car detailers, small and large garages or automotive body-shops.  Our LightRite Headlight Restoration & Repair UV Coating Value Pak is perfect for the customer who just needs a single use application to fix their own car.  Just make sure you apply it on a clear sunny day.  Single and multiple cans packs are also available in 2 different volumes 1.25oz, good for 1 car and 3.75oz, good for up to 4 cars.  Of course this is dependent on size of lens and application technique.

So what exactly do you need to do?  Not much!  Wipe off any dirt and degrease if necessary, lightly wet-sand your lenses with sandpaper provided.  Wash of dust and wipe with alcohol wipes provided, shake can and spray!

Still not convinced or have more questions, feel free to call us at 561-243-8442 and ask for our LightRite applications guy, Jon Owen.

He’s the one who’s blog you’ve just been reading!

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