Introducing’s new Germ-Away Sanitizers

CureUV’s Germ-Away Ultraviolet lights have the same technology that has been used for over 100 years in water disinfection. Today we have UV Technology to keep germs away in government building, schools and even in the convenience store.  With so many choices it’s hard to know what you’re paying for but strives to make you an informed purchaser.

The technology uses UV-C bandwidth or more specifically 254Nm (nanometer or wavelength) (not like what comes out of a black light) that damages the structure of bacteria, virus and mold cells.  But it isn’t as easy to disinfect all surfaces.

For instance, with a GERM-AWAY Sr UV-C Disinfection Wand– on a surface must be exposed to the UV light at a height of 1-2 inches for a 2-10 seconds (timer is built in) for it to be effective.  This is assuming that the surface is flat.  If you are trying to disinfect a phone or a remote, you must take a bit more time or you won’t get full disinfection to the whole item.   With the more number of passes, the more it is effective.

A variety of independent lab’s have stated that on a flat surface the UV light wand killed 99.98% of the H1N1 virus.  But it wasn’t tested on irregular surfaces due to the limitless amount of irregular surface types. The principle is always the same, what the light comes in direct contact with the UV starts killing most any virus mold etc… It’s all about the exposure time. So if in doubt your first pass with the UV Light, it can’t hurt (be over sanitized) to make an additional pass. offers the Germ-Away product line which has something for everyone!