Lifespan of CureUV Germicidal UV-C Lamps

Question: Why do germicidal UV-C lamps last over 12 months or 9000 hours?

Answer: The most obvious factors that affect the quality of output over time (effective/usable lamp life) of a low-pressure UV lamp are re-starts and elements erosion of fillers in the UVC lamp.

Assuming you have a quality lamp operating environment, lamp strikes and lamp fill quality would be next. The fewer the lamp strikes (ignitions/re-starts, on/off), the longer effective lamp life you will have. The better the quality of the lamp supplier, the more confidence you can have in the quality of what’s in the lamp when you buy it.

If all things are good then a typical UV C lamp will provide a solid 9,000 hours of effective UV-C germicidal output. As a rule of thumb, anything over this 9,000 hour range has a decreasing UV-C lamp effectiveness.

Did you know? Your UV-C bulbs could lose over 90% of their effective usable Ultraviolet (UV) output, but still look fine to the human eye. The part you see when you say “well the lamp is on” is only the visible light, which has no UV function. Only the UV output has function for sterilizing or curing and it is, for the most part, completely invisible to the human eye. When you install your lamp, document it somewhere so you don’t ever have to guess how many hours your UV-C lamp has been in operation. View the germicidal UV bulb FAQ or print the page to learn more about the average UV light lifespan.

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