Our latest arrival.

After having great success with our Power-Shots, the 500 and 1100, we took the old design and made it more powerful then stuck wheels on it! Seriously! We had been looking for a way to come up with a versatile and maneuverable system for quite some time, and now its here! The Power-Shot 2400.

We’ve beefed up the size of the lamp now offering an 8″ cure width and variable power up to 2400 watts. It comes furnished with a safety kit in a rugged case and is completely self contained.

Capable of curing in the UVA and UVB bandwidth with a simple lamp change there is very little the Power-Shot 2400 can’t do, and, do better than anything currently available in it’s class.

We’ve been supplying the flooring industry, kitchen fitters, and also the guitar manufacturing markets already and it’s only been available for a couple of months!

We recently shipped a unit to Bailey Guitars back in my home land, Scotland. They run a small guitar shop on the west coast and also have classes teaching the art of guitar making. So far, and judging by their pictures, they seem to be really happy with their purchase and getting to grips with all it’s features very quickly.

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