Quick and Easy solutions for Headlight Restoration

Need help finding a headlight cleaner to restore your cloudy foggy headlights? Polishes only temporarily cover up the problem because most of the time it does not remove enough of the oxidized layer of plastic, or it does and now you have just removed the protective coating that the manufacturer put on the headlight lens.

Check this UV headlight solution out and get more product for your money! SpeedoKote is a UV cure coating developed to restore damaged or faded headlights to look brand new. The 8oz can offered can be used to refurbish up to three cars. Also available is a contractor grade UV kit, which offers everything needed to get the job done.

Working on a large job that requires a faster turn around? The Low intensity UVA Dual fixture Tripod system is highly recommended. This will allow curing time in approximately 2 minutes per lens. Remember, maintaining your car’s headlights can be an important step in safer nighttime driving.

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