Remedy for UV Burns – Industrial Curing Applications

Ultraviolet radiation comes in three forms: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C light. UV Technology is safe when respected and while the proper safety equipment is being used. The most concerning part of these intensities of light is the area of contact, whether it be the skin or eyes. Skin and eye damage can be avoided with an educated knowledge of equipment use. It is recommended to protect these parts of your body with the appropriate safety gear. All in all, most general cases of overexposure will heal with time, but are extremely uncomfortable.

Face Mask, Gloves and Shop Coat

The visible spectrum of ultraviolet light is not harmful, but the light that you cannot see can be dangerous in some applications if the proper safety precautions are not taken into account. For instance, if you were to expose your eyes to certain wavelengths of UV rays, it is equivalent to welders burn. In the end, medium-pressure curing technology should be approached from a careful angle and invisible, along with visible lights should be treated with great consideration.

NOTE: You should be properly educated in the operation and application of ultraviolet technology. If you have any suspected UV reactions as a result from improper use or inadequate safety, seek medical attention by a qualified medical practitioner.

To learn more about UV safety, click here.

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