Protect your home against Mold and Bacteria – Add a UV Lamp to your Air Conditioner

Do you have a HVAC unit for improving indoor air quality? With the warm weather approaching fast use of your AC units will begin to increase. Many people run their air conditioners continuously in order to keep their home cool. If bacteria cells or mold spores have settled in your conditioning components, the fan will circulate those pathogens throughout your entire home. This can mostly effect your allergies, cause mildew, bring about sickness, cause odors, and much more. UV light has the ability to kill bacteria, mold and germs in the air. By installing Ultra-violet lights in your ductwork, you kill off a high percentage of those unwanted air pollutants.

Have you checked to see if your current UV bulb needs to be replaced? Your UV-C bulb should be replaced annually for the best results.

Second Wind, Aprilaire and Ultravation are just a few brands of Air purification units we offer replacement UV lamps for. Don’t pay an arm and a leg to keep your family healthy this summer. Check out cureUV and see if our HVAC Do-it-Yourself kits are a fit for you.

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