Use the same UV curable stains and coatings used in high production manufacturing facilities with the use of SPDI’s UV Floor Curing System. This UV system allows for the curing of 100% solids that have a sheen additive. Until now, the use of these coatings was unheard of because older UV technology causes “lap lines” or “zipper lines”. This specialty irradiator has a Proprietary Array Delivery of UV energy causing the perfect balance of intensity right where you want it.

Yes, SPDI has pushable machines, but this advanced and versatile system allows access around small columns, stairs, closets, tight corners, and even under kitchen cabinets. No waiting 24 hours for a stain to dry when it can be easily added to a UV curable coating! Your customers CAN have furniture and rugs back in place the same day on their newly refinished hardwood floor. Provides longer lifespan, along with more scratch and chemical resistance. Get your project done in hours, not days. Contact a UV technology and coatings specialist today: (800) 977-7292

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